Tonight was the opening of Incidental Transformations: Jon Shumway and Ian F. Thomas at Richland’s Brazos gallery. As the sun set over the orangery-esque gallery Incidental Transformations came to life as Jon’s nature inspired videos began to project brightly against Ian’s bulbous, gourd-like ceramics. This collaborative effort makes the trek to the great north utterly worthwhile. Organic forms, both digital and three dimensional, unite the seemingly disparate mediums. The most interesting installation incorporates 2x4’s and shadow chalk lines in addition to Ian and Jon’s works. Two smooth ceramics hang mid wall, defying their heavy façade (strangely remind me of DOTS candy) by receiving Jon’s images and contributing their own interesting shadows along the span. Writing about this installation is a challenge; the dynamic element of this show is one that must be seen in person (go at night if possible). Take the trek north, you’ll thank me later. Incidental Transformations runs through March 29th. *Sandi*



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