What is home? Is it a physical space, relationship, religion or community? Willie Baronet challenges us to explore these complicated questions at the latest TEDxSMU salon. Conflicted with what to do or where to look when at a stoplight and a homeless person walks up to your car? Do you make up stories about them or assume they'll use the money for drugs? Have you ever considered bartering with the homeless? Willie explains how he decided to end his discomfort at the stoplight by trading cash for homeless signs and now utilizes hundreds, if not thousands, of these signs in his work. The complicated relationship with his father and the need to resolve childhood issues lead to his fascination with "Home" and the homeless. In 1993 Willie decided to write his father a long letter about his childhood and within a few months he separately decided to start purchasing homeless signs. Willie "sees these signs as sign posts with my own internal and external struggle with 'what is home' " and it is this conflict that has fueled his successful art career. With several homeless related shows under his belt and more recently a print campaign for Goodwill, Willie continues to encourage us to love and accept others. We should all aspire to be like Willie. 



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