Have you been to the Ft. Worth Modern to see Glenn Ligon? I have been in a perplexed state since my visit a week ago. Let me explain: 

The first two galleries show seemingly identical work- the only difference is the repeating text (left). Ok so we have stencil-like text and angry words on solid colored backgrounds. Fine. An adjoining room displays framed images of exoticised  black men from Robert Mapplethorpe’s Black Book (1988) with framed quotes between. Ok. The more interesting and creative work is the fluorescent words which are white on black or black on white. So what?

Here is my problem with this midlife retrospective of Glenn Ligon, organized by the Whitney: why should I care? The straightforward and simple text does not leave me marveling at the technical abilities of Ligon. The angry hate speak is something we have all seen and heard. So why should I care? I left the museum angry and feeling let down by Ligon but I later realized that it is not the artist I should have a problem with as much as the Modern. The Modern does a lousy job of putting Ligon’s work into context. It was only after a couple hours of reading reviews that I began to understand the artists’ statement. The hate speak is selections from then current media sources and the photography quotes are independent of the images, spoken by famous and nameless people. I have not fully actualized on Ligon but I feel like I’m getting there.  Maybe the point of this exhibit was to stay present in my foremost thoughts until I could unpack it, if so then great success Modern, but I doubt this. The pamphlets and website for the Ft. Worth Modern are seemingly sparse of information regarding this show. I realize they did not organize it but surely someone in operations should realize that telling me this man is important versus explaining to me why he is makes a big difference. Maybe I’m the only art nerd out there who likes to read at a museum to gain a framework for understanding, after all isn’t art about awareness and appreciation? Go see Ligon and decide for yourself. Maybe the vinyl text printer is on the fritz at the Modern.


Tonight was the opening of Incidental Transformations: Jon Shumway and Ian F. Thomas at Richland’s Brazos gallery. As the sun set over the orangery-esque gallery Incidental Transformations came to life as Jon’s nature inspired videos began to project brightly against Ian’s bulbous, gourd-like ceramics. This collaborative effort makes the trek to the great north utterly worthwhile. Organic forms, both digital and three dimensional, unite the seemingly disparate mediums. The most interesting installation incorporates 2x4’s and shadow chalk lines in addition to Ian and Jon’s works. Two smooth ceramics hang mid wall, defying their heavy façade (strangely remind me of DOTS candy) by receiving Jon’s images and contributing their own interesting shadows along the span. Writing about this installation is a challenge; the dynamic element of this show is one that must be seen in person (go at night if possible). Take the trek north, you’ll thank me later. Incidental Transformations runs through March 29th. *Sandi*


Thank you Glasstire and Betsy Lewis for the kind review of our FLEX-US show at RO2 Art. 




Thanks to RO2 for a very successful evening Saturday!

Danielle danced the night away, Willie photographed everyone and everything, and Andy, Robin, Hilly, Sandi, and Emily chatted up the crowd. We had a great turnout, thanks for coming! 
What happens when you domesticate a feral collective? Come to the Pop-Up show Lean by In Cooperation With Muscle Nation to find out. Art might be on the floor, in the bathtub, by the toilet, or on the fence but one thing is certain: it will not be on the wall. 

March 10, 7-11pm
5450 Mercedes Avenue, Dallas

*Special thanks to Wendy and Henley Quadling (homeowners), Bill and Russ (interior designers) and Dori Warner (real estate agent) for making this evening possible! * 

Lovely write-ups in the Dallas Observer and Art & Seek today. Get excited! 
This is it, folks. Our first collective show. Sculpture...drawings...photographs...installation...performance...drinks...good vibes. 
It'll make you clench.




Last night, in a clenched fit, ICWMN occupied Artopia. From fliers brandishing urinals, to bow-clad bottles of muscle milk dispersed and left at the feet of the crowd, we successfully came to do what we do best - flex our art!
We have a piece in ArtCon tonight, hope to see you there!